Katie & Georgina - good friends thanks to Bayley House

Katie and Georgina are two young women at Bayley House who impress and inspire us every day with the strength of their friendship, and how far they’ve come since they arrived here several years ago. They had little confidence, and few life skills. They were on the cusp of adulthood, yet didn’t have the skills needed to help them live without daily supervision.

Thanks to Bayley House they now have the skills and support needed to manage their daily lives.

During their years at Bayley House Katie and Georgina have both learnt so much; simple things like cooking, cleaning, shopping, and social skills. Things many people take for granted, but which adults with an intellectual disability find difficult. 

They have grown and thrived beyond all expectations and so has their friendship.

Katie and Georgina share a love of performing, and all things creative. Whether it’s singing, acting, or dancing, the two friends love nothing better than being on the stage, performing for an audience.  

With their new skills, the girls are now able to share a unit together, living in semi-independent accommodation. They shop for their own food, cook meals, and clean. 

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