Accommodation Services

Bayley House provides a high quality Accommodation Service that offers shared supported accommodation in a group setting.  In addition to our respite house, we manage six residential properties and an Independent Living Complex (Roxburgh House) providing a permanent home for over forty residents.

Each house is a home in the true sense of the word. Residents have their own bedroom, help prepare their meals and are involved in all aspects of the running of their house. The Independent Living Complex which is comprised of individual self contained units is centred around a communal courtyard. Residents in the other houses share the lounge, kitchen, dining rooms and bathroom facilities. Sharing a house or a communal area promotes teamwork, respect for each other's rights and dealing with everyday issues.

Residents are encouraged to have friends and family visit and chores are shared amongst housemates. Many residents are involved in recreational and leisure pursuits in their spare time and everyone has a say in the type of social activities in which they would like to participate.  Weekends are filled with picnics, barbecues, shopping, eating out or going to the movies. 

A team of qualified, skilled staff support the residents of each house. They ensure the houses are well run and the residents are happy, healthy and have the opportunity to achieve their goals, maximise their independence and learn new skills. 

Our houses promote a lifestyle similar to those of other community members and are located in suburban streets of:

  • Brighton East
  • Hampton
  • Hampton East
  • Aspendale and
  • Cheltenham

For further information about our residential services please contact the General Manager: Accommodation Services by calling Bayley House on 03 9982 1500 or email: