Client Handbook

Bayley House produces a client handbook for people attending the Day and Accommodation Services. The handbook consisists of individual information sheet which are written in an easy to read format and are updated annually. 

Handbook Brochures

The handbook is divided into several sections. Each section is available for you to download:

1.    Table of Contents
2.    Contact Information
3.    Vision, Mission & Values
4.    Privacy & Confidentiality
5.    Rights & Responsibilities
6.    Complaints
7.    Complaints Form
8.    Choice, Control and Desicion Making  / Individualised Planning
9.    Access to Day Service / Day Service Fees
10.   Day Service Programs
11.   Access to Our Accommodation Service
12.   Access to Our Respite Service
13.   Accommodation Fees
14.   Assistance & Advocacy
15.   Case Management
16.   DHS Information & Referral Services / Access to the DSR
17.   Medical Information
18.   Behaviour Support Plans
19.   Money Management
20.   Community Visitors