Corporate Support

By working with Bayley House businesses are able demonstrate their Corporate Social Responsibility as well as give back to their community and help change people's lives. We welcome support from businesses and are committed to building ongoing relationships which increase our ability to better deliver services and programs to individuals attending Bayley House.

No matter how large or small, there are ways in which national, state-based or local businesses can partner with Bayley House and support the work we do. These include: 


Sponsorship opportunities are available to support events, publications, key programs and other initiatives.  These opportunities enable businesses to align their marketing and community objectives with the needs of Bayley House, enhance their profile and promote a positive image to key stakeholders. Bayley House will work closely with you to deliver a sponsorship program that delivers real benefits.  

To discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact our Fundraising Manager, Ruth Lew on 03 9982 1537.

Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving is a simple and tax effective way for employees to support a charity through the businesses payroll system. The program is voluntary and employees can nominate Bayley House as the charity they would like to support. Donations are made before tax is taken, thus reducing taxable income. 

Further information about Workplace Giving please call Bayley House. You can also visit Charities Aid FoundationAustralian Tax Office or The Australian Charities Fund.

Matching Donations

A large number of businesses match the employee contributions made through Workplace Giving Programs. This ensures the donations go further and demonstrate to staff that their commitment to community development is a value shared by their employer.

Other businesses also match funds raised by fundraising activities undertaken by staff. The activities may be events organised in the workplace or through external bodies via fundraising sites such as Everyday Hero. 

Probono Services and In-Kind Goods

Bayley House accepts probono services or in-kind donation of goods made by businesses. By contributing specialist services or donating items in need, businesses can help Bayley House reduce costs and decrease expenditure. Funds saved can then be directed towards providing additional resources for our programs and core services. 

Make a Cash Donation

Corporate businesses can forward a donation directly to Bayley House. Financial contributions can be directed towards our core services or particular programs and activities. All donations of $2 and over are tax dedcutible. Major donations will be acknowledged in our Annual Report and on our website. 

Corporate Volunteering

Depending on the availability of suitable projects and tasks, Bayley House may be able to offer one-off corporate volunteering days for individuals or small groups. We work closely with you to identify volunteering opportunities that match the needs of Bayley House with those of your business and staff. Some conditions do apply.

If you would like to discuss corporate volunteering opportunities, please contact our External Relations Manager, Kerryn McIver on 03 9982 1513.