Board of Management

Bayley House is governed by a Board of Management consisting of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and seven members. The Board is responsible for overseeing the operation of Bayley House, monitoring performance and setting strategic direction. It makes decisions that ensure Bayley House remains financially secure, meets all legal and ethical obligations and builds a strong future.

Portrait--Angus-Graham.jpg                              Portrait--Rhonda_Whitfield.jpg                              Portrait--Gerard_Savage.jpg        

President                                              Vice President                                     Treasurer

Mr Angus Graham OAM                          Ms Rhonda Whitfield                               Mr Gerard Savage


Portrait--Paul_Hede.jpg                              Portrait--Norm_Peatling.jpg                             Portrait--Lucy_Whelan.jpg

Mr Paul Hede                                            Mr Norm Peatling                                 Ms Lucy Whelan


Ms Jude Mulcahy                                                                       



Mr Richard Dalton 

Mr John Lawrenson


Leave of absence


Ms Rachel Milum



Four Sub-Committees provide advice and make recommendations to the Board.  Each Sub-Committee has representation from the Board, staff and volunteers. Members have the relevant skills, expertise and knowledge to assist the Board and offer guidance on issues related to Finance, Human Resources, Accommodation and Day Services. All members of the Board of Management and each Sub-Committee are volunteers who freely donate their time, energy and professional expertise to Bayley House.



Mr Bill Hodgson became Patron of Bayley House in 1995. He is a strong advocate for Bayley House, championing our cause, promoting the work we do and seeking support from businesses, foundations and individuals.