Our Staff

The staff at Bayley House provide an enriching and supportive environment for our clients. They are highly committed and are passionate about the services and programs that we offer.

Staff are employed on a full time, part time or casual basis. 

The Management Team

Chief Executive Officer  - Mr Bruce Salvin

Finance Manager - Ms Catherine Raine

Property & OHS Manager (Acting)  - Mr Ray Fairley

External Relations Manager  -  Ms Kerryn McIver

Fundraising Manager - Mrs Ruth Lew

Human Resources Manager  - Ms Caroline Stanley

Quality Manager - Ms Anneke Jurgens

General Manager - Day Programs -  Ms Penny Scott 

General Manager - Accommodation Services - Mr Hans van de Graaff 

Day Program Staff

Over 50 people are employed in the Day Service as Instructors. Our instructors are responsible for providing a safe, supported working environment for clients that will enable them to develop and maintain achievements that are life enriching, focused on client choice and promotes self-determination and confidence.  

They assist clients to identify individual goals and work with them achieve those goals through individualized planning, the development and implementation of programs, the maintenance of a daily time table and the provision of direct care (when necessary). 

All our Instructors operate in accordance with the requirements of the Disability Act, Outcome Standards, health and safety requirements and the allocated program budgets.  

Accommodation Service Staff

About 40 people are employed as Residential Support Workers or Team Leaders in our Accommodation Service.

Support workers help to provide a high quality, community-based service which enables residents to have access to community activities and experience a lifestyle which equals that of other community members. They assist residents in learning skills to live more independently and work with them toidentify and achieve their goals as outlined in there personal support plans. Support workers also take the necessary steps to ensure that everything is put into place to provide individual residents with recreation, family life, social and leisure opportunities. 

Administration & Bus Drivers

Our administration team perform a range of duties that ensure the smooth operation of Bayley House. They are responsible for all financial procedures, promotion, fundraising, communications, maintenance, government liasion and much, much more. 

Our team of eight bus drivers play an important role in ensuring everyone who nominates to use our transport program is safely driven to and from Bayley House each day.