Awards & Recognition

Bayley House recognizes the invaluable contribution made by our clients, staff, volunteers and others withing the community through the bestowement of Life Membership, an Outstanding Service Award, Community Partnership Award or a Client Recognition Award.

Life Membership

The Board of Bayley House grants Life Membership to individuals who have given exceptional and outstanding service to Bayley House and our clients over an extended period of time. Their support has directly contributed to enhancing the operation and effectivemenss of Bayley House.

In 2015, Life Membership was awarded to:

Currently Bayley House has 25 Life Members. Click here to view the full list of all those who have been awarded Life Membership.

Outstanding Service Awards

The Bayley House Outstanding Service Awards are presented in November each year. They celebrate and acknowledge the outstanding work volunteers and staff provide in their role, contributing above and beyond the call of duty. Factors such as length of involvement, type of support, personal attributes, demonstration of Bayley House qualities and the impact on clients are considered.   

The Silver Emblem with Wreath Award is presented for 15 years service and the Silver Emblem Award for eight years service. 

In 2015, the Silver Emblem Award was granted to Mrs Bev Walker.

Click here for the list of individuals who have previously recieved an Outstanding Service Award.

Community Partnership Award

Introduced in 2011, this award recignises the exceptional support given to Bayley house by community partners such as service organisations, busineeses and community groups who assist us.

Previous recipients:

  • Brighton Grammar School   2011
  • Brighton Medical Centre      2013
  • Good Guys Brighton           2014

Client Recognition Awards

Bayley House has many individuals who have been attending our programs over an extended period of time; almost 25% of clients have attended for 25 years or more. These awards acknowledge the length of time clients have been at Bayley House and the contribution they have made during this time. 

Certificates are presented for 10,15 and 20 years attendance. Awards are given for 25, 30, 40 and 50 years attendance. Currently Bayley House has nine people who have been attending for 50 years or more. 

Recipients of the 2015 awards were:

10 Year Certificate:  Phillipa Anderson, Whitney Beruldsen, Gerald Chee, Sarah Cole, Monique Edmondson, Peter Ginn, James Hougham, Teresa MacLeod, Peter Pont, Thomas Rathgeber, Madeleine Read and Sally Tran 

15 Year Certificate:  Belinda Wallace and Donny Cini 

20 Year Certificate:  Richard Hook 

25 Year Award:  Brendan Godfrey, Jimmy Kouzoukas, Steven Smith, Soknann Tham, Desma Wong and Dimitry Miloslavsky

30 Year Award:  Jon Paull and Anthony Stone 

40 Year Award:  Trudy Sheehan and Bernard Kennedy

50 Year Award (& Ambassador):  Kevin Burke, Edward Mulcahy and Robert Thomas